Online Dating

Online dating can be turbulent times, but if one is intentional it can be a great opportunity for growth and healing.  Dee Wagner, BC-DMT, LPC has written articles and a workbook that guides online daters through the process of building awareness, processing their emotions, and growing in their interpersonal relationships. 

In one of Dee Wagner’s recent articles, she states, “Romance and especially romance amped up by technology can stir up the kind of vulnerable feelings that led us to name our book/workbook: Naked Online. Stepping out when our steps feel awkward requires being able to tolerate vulnerability.  How do we learn to tolerate the awkward feelings so we can keep dancing? It can help when we understand who’s on our dance card.”  Dee goes on to explain how her workbook uses mindfulness exercises to help the reader shift from feeling vulnerable to feeling grounded.  You can read the full article here.

Dee Wagner is also the primary creator and instructor of our Digital Dance online course.



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