Expressive Arts Summit in NYC

Dee Wagner, BC-DMT, LPC, primary creator and instructor of our Digital Dance online course presents a small portion of the webinar material at the Expressive Arts Summit in NYC. Her workshop opens discussion about how to use technology to embody, rather than allowing it to unconsciously disembody.
Technology with its constant flow of information can be highly stimulating. Social media offers news in a feed so just like when we are at a buffet, we have to remain mindful about when we are full. Staying present in our bodies allows us to feel when it is time to push away from the table so to speak. 
When our technological connections start to feel like umbilical cord connections, turning off our devices can stir nervous system response designed for life-threatening situations. It can feel dangerous to disconnect. With consciousness about how technology effects our bodies, we can use the digital dance inherent in telemental health to help our clients shift into healthier use of technology in their lives.



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