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Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist Course
Why clinicians choose to be trained in Certified Clinical Trauma Counseling ?
Become more marketable as an expert trauma counseling
Get recognized for your competence in trauma counseling by qualifying to apply to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for Individuals (CCTS-I) or Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for Families (CCTS-F)
Learn evidenced-based leading-edge interventions and protocols for treating survivors of trauma
What is in the Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual (CCTS-I) course
Trauma Informed Care
The Active Ingredients/Common Factors
The Empowerment & Resilience Structure
Preparation & Relationship
Psychoeducation & Skills-Building part one
Psychoeducation & Skills-Building part two
Desensitization & Integration
Posttraumatic Growth & Resilience
What is in the Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Family (CCTS-F) course
Healing Philosophy and the person of the healer
Active ingredients approach to family therapy
The physiology of trauma
How trauma responses affect the family relational architecture
Preparation and Relationship
Psycho-education & self-regulation
Integration & desensitization and Post-traumatic growth & resilience stage
Ethics and family trauma work

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About the Instructor

Robert Rhoton Psy.D., LPC, DAAETS has been involved with mental health treatment for more than two decades. In that tenure, he has supervised and worked with outpatient clinics, juvenile justice programs, Intensive outpatient substance abuse groups for adolescents, day treatment programs, adult offender programs and child and family services. Dr. Rhoton has advanced training in child and adolescent trauma treatment. DR. Rhoton is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Bob is the past president of the Arizona Trauma Therapy Network (2010 through 2012). Dr. Rhoton has collaborated with numerous agencies in Arizona fine-tuning their understanding of trauma and the impact of developmental trauma on the individual and family. Dr. Rhoton is the founder and CEO of Arizona Trauma Institute, which is a professional training and consultation company. Dr. Rhoton is also the CEO of the Trauma Institute International that certifies mental health professionals throughout the world on trauma treatment. Dr. Rhoton's most recent publication can be found in the July 2017 Journal of Counseling and Development titled; Trauma Competency: An Active Ingredients Approach to Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.