Bring A TeleMental Health Expert To Your Conference

Presenting at the Licensed Professional Counseling Association of North Carolina (LPCANC) this year was a new experience for us. One of our alumni, Tanya Guinn, LPC, both a telemental health provider in North Carolina and a member of the LPCANC, took initiative with the idea of VIRTUALLY co-presenting on TeleMental Health at the LPCANC Conference with our CEO, Raymond Barrett. 

Tanya was on-site with the attendees at the NC conference while Ray presented virtually through video conferencing. This provided several benefits. It allowed Tanya to spotlight her expertise in telemental health, while also providing to her LPCANC colleagues training from an expert telemental health educator. As a result, participants were able to experience first hand what telemental health is like and to ask specific questions since Ray gave his presentation on TeleMental Health Competencies through video conferencing.

The goal was to cover an overview of the essential competencies of TeleMental Health.  This empowers clinicians to assess whether or not they are competent in telemental health and whether or not they need further training, education, or supervision.  We are grateful to Tanya Guinn for the opportunity and her partnership in presenting.

If you provide TeleMental Health and wish to co-present at your local conference, this is a great opportunity to spotlight your practice and provide your colleagues access to this important training. If this is something you wish to do, reach out to us; we welcome the opportunity to co-present with you.



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