Affiliate Agreement

You are very important to us!  Your testimony to the value of our CE courses helps us fulfill our mission of building competence throughout the telehealth profession.  We will treat you fairly and with respect as an affiliate, and we just ask that you do likewise.  Please read through the following affiliate agreement which will help protect the integrity of our mission and company.  Please call or email us with any questions.  


Please read the entire agreement and contact me with any questions.  You can print this document at any time for your own records, as this is a legal agreement between you and Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC

By turning on your affiliate program you are agreeing that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of this agreement and that you agree to be legally responsible for each and every term and condition.


  1. Overview

This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to you becoming an affiliate in Telehealth Certification Institute’s Affiliate Program. The purpose of this Agreement is to allow HTML linking between your web site and the Telehealth Certification Institute web site. Please note that throughout this Agreement, "we," "us," and "our" refer to Telehealth Certification Institute, and "you," "your," and "yours" refer to the affiliate.

  1. Affiliate Obligations

2.1. To begin the enrollment process, you will register as a user on, log onto the site, place your curser over your name on the top right, click on “My Affiliates”, and next to “Affiliate Program Active” check “Yes”.  The fact that we auto-approve applications does not imply that we may not re-evaluate your application at a later time. We may reject your application at our sole discretion. We may cancel your application if we determine that your site is unsuitable for our Program, including if it:

2.1.1. Promotes sexually explicit materials

2.1.2. Promotes violence

2.1.3. Promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age

2.1.4. Promotes illegal activities

2.1.5. Incorporates any materials which infringe or assist others to infringe on any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights or to violate the law

2.1.7. Is otherwise in any way unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable to us in our sole discretion.

2.1.9. You may not create or design any of your websites in any manner which leads customers to believe you are

2.2. You will have access to My Affiliates. Here you will be able to download HTML code that provides you links to the Telehealth Certification Institute web site.  The code allows us to accurately keep track of all guest visits from your site to ours.  You must use the HTML code that we provide for each banner, text link, or other affiliate link we provide you with.

2.3. Telehealth Certification Institute’s reserves the right, at any time, to review your placement and to require that you change the placement or use in order to comply with these guidelines provided to you.

2.4. The maintenance and the updating of your site will be your responsibility. However, we may monitor your site and let you know of any updates necessary to allow for accurate linking.

2.5. It is entirely your responsibility to follow all applicable intellectual property copyright Law.

  1. Telehealth Certification Institute’s Rights and Obligations

3.1. We have the right to monitor your site at any time, and to notify you of any changes to your site that we think ought to be made. If you do not make the changes to your site that we feel are necessary, we reserve the right to terminate your participation in the Telehealth Certification Institute’s Affiliate Program.

3.2. Telehealth Certification Institute reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and your participation in the Telehealth Certification Institute Affiliate Program immediately and without notice if you commit fraud or abuse this program. If we discover any fraud or abuse of this affiliate program, Telehealth Certification Institute shall not be liable to you for any commissions for such fraudulent sales.

3.3. This Agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your Affiliate application, and will continue unless terminated by either party.

  1. Termination

Either you or we may end this Agreement at any time simply by giving the other party written notice. Written notice can be in the form of mail, email or fax. This agreement will also be terminated immediately upon any breach of this Agreement by you. 

  1. Modification

We may modify any of the terms and conditions in this Agreement at any time, and we do so, we will notify you by email. These modifications may include, but are not limited to, changes in the payment amounts, structure, and procedure. If you do not agree to any modification you can end this Agreement. Continuing to participate in the Telehealth Certification Institute Affiliate Program following us sending you the email notification will indicate your agreement to the changes.

  1. Payment

Telehealth Certification Institute’s uses a third party to handle all of the tracking. The third party is the affiliate network. We currently use to handle all payment.  We will make all payments upon request for payments of $10 or more.  You can view the amount owed to you by going to your “My Affiliates” page on

  1. Promotion Restrictions

7.1. You are free to promote your own web sites, but naturally any promotion that mentions Telehealth Certification Institute could be perceived by the public or the press as a joint effort. You should know that certain forms of advertising are always prohibited by Telehealth Certification Institute. For example, advertising commonly referred to as "spamming" is unacceptable to us and could cause damage to our name. Other generally prohibited forms of advertising include the use of unsolicited commercial email (UCE), postings to non-commercial newsgroups and cross-posting to multiple newsgroups at once. In addition, you may not advertise in any way that effectively conceals or misrepresents your identity, your domain name, or your return email address. You may use mailings to customers to promote Telehealth Certification Institute so long as the recipient is already a customer or subscriber of your services or web site, and recipients have the option to remove themselves from future mailings. Also, you may post to newsgroups to promote Telehealth Certification Institute so long as the news group specifically welcomes commercial messages. At all times, you must clearly represent yourself and your web sites as independent from Telehealth Certification Institute. If it comes to our attention that you are spamming, we will consider that cause for immediate termination of this Agreement and your participation in the Telehealth Certification Institute Affiliate Program. Any pending balances owed to you will not be paid if your account is terminated due to such unacceptable advertising or solicitation.

  1. Grant of Licenses

8.1. We grant you the right to access our site through HTML links solely in accordance with the terms of this Agreement to the extent that you are a member in good standing of Telehealth Certification Institute’s Affiliate Program.

8.2. Both you and Telehealth Certification Institute agree not to use the other's proprietary materials in any manner that may portray the party in a negative light. Both you and Telehealth Certification Institute reserve all of its respective rights in the proprietary materials covered by this license. Other than the license granted in this Agreement, both you and Telehealth Certification Institute retains all right, title, and interest to its respective rights and no right, title, or interest is transferred to the other.

  1. Disclaimer

Telehealth Certification Institute makes no warranties of the operation of our website or services and will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors. 

  1. Representations and Warranties

You represent and warrant that this agreement has been duly and validly executed and delivered by you and constitutes your legal, valid, and binding obligation, enforceable against you in accordance with its terms.  You have the full right, power, and authority to enter into and be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement without the approval or consent of any other party.  And you have sufficient right, title, and interest in and to the rights granted to us in this Agreement.

  1. Limitations of Liability

Telehealth Certification Institute will not be liable to you in respect to this agreement for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.   Telehealth Certification Institute’s cumulative lability to you related to this agreement will not exceed the total commission fees paid to you.

  1. Indemnification

You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Telehealth Certification Institute, and its members against any and all claims, actions, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, judgments, settlements, costs, and expenses.

  1. Miscellaneous

13.1. You agree that you are an independent contractor, and this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between you and Telehealth Certification Institute.  

13.3. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New York without regard to the conflicts of laws and principles thereof.

13.4. You may not amend or waive any provision of this Agreement unless in writing and signed by both parties.


Raymond Barrett, Owner

Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC

125 N. Main, Suite 500 #348

Blacksburg, VA 24060

585-687-8837 , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Easily one of the best online or in-person workshops I have ever attended. The information was unbelievably relevant to current practice with our students doing e-learning and having to provide online therapy and support. Thank you so much for this workshop and the information.
Vincent Amador
School Psychologist / Thornridge High School
I really gained a deeper understanding of Telehealth. I think this course helps pave the way for success in our field. This was very convenient. I am so blessed to take a course like this during the crisis we are facing as a nation. This course really helps me perform at a high level for my job. THANKS!!!!!!!
Jackie Tanna
Therapist / Region One Mental Health
Very informative training, instruction was clear and easy to follow
Jill Bogan-El
I learned a lot in this course and will put what I learned into practice when I move my home office space.
Raymond Corbo
Clinical Supervisor and Counselor / Redeemer Counseling Services
Vey helpful and user friendly. Most importantly informative. Very good information to enhance an individual's practice.
La Keicia Boyd
Licensed Professional Counselor / Private Practice
It was one of the best courses I’ve attended; clear, well-structured, creative, transparent and professional! Bravo.
Elizabeth Tramonte, PsyD
Private Practitioner / Elizabeth Tramonte PC
Very informative. I learned things that I wasn't aware of about state laws!
Tamara Coleman
Counselor / Tamara Coleman Counseling LLC
This course is more comprehensive than all the other HIPAA courses I've taken combined.
Michelle R. Gould, LMHC
Mental Health Counselor
Brillant concept and a great way to support counselors as they transition into on-line therapy/services.
Bianca Abrams
License Professional Counselor / The Wellness Institute of Atlanta
Thank you for an informational, relevant course to help me obtain my TMH certificate. Excellent presentation.
Tomica Horton
counselor/therapist / Jodi Province Counseling Services
This course was very interesting and allowing me to understand the way telementalhealth services need to work correctly.
Patricia A Hill
Mental Health Counselor II and LCDC, MAC / Central County Services

The course was very detailed and informative. It covered everything that is necessary to work with Tele mental health.

Cynthia Allison
Mental health Counselor / Friendly Therapy LLC
This course is providing me with valuable information that will be helpful in providing competent and effective services for clients.
Nancy Sweet-Holp, LMSW
Therapist / Liberty House of Albany
Great, course. Really helped me during this challenging time to connect with students.
Priscilla Robinson
School Counselor / Baltimore County Public Schools
Very well done. Encourages active engagement in telemental health process while guiding effectively.
Chris Brotherton
Marriage and Family Therapist / Addiction Counselor / Brotherton Counseling LLC
Wonderful free training. Helpful discussion on how to aid clients in breaking out of the negative thought trap.
Jaime Wright
The course was so informative and I was glued to my screen for the entire duration. I received so much knowledge concerning ethics in telehealth and I am greatly encouraged to read about all the standards and policies that pertain to my practice. Thank you!
Bridgette Nalumu
Public health consultant / Green and Purple Consultancy Network
This course was very informative and very relevant to today's telehealth practices!
Keith Ayson
Housing Case Manager / Bridgeways
The training was well structured and presented by a knowledge individual. Information shared in the training was useful, clear, and concise and can easily be incorporated into future practice techniques.
Dora Falls
LPC, MAC Private Practice - / Private Practice
Amazing and relevant information conveyed over excellent format. This is a professional organization worth joining.
Summer Allan Wilson LCSW-S; Nationally Certified TFCBT
Pediatric Psychotherapist / East Texas Family Guidance Center
Very informative! Well organized! Takeaway- protect yourself- know your ethical code and standards/ be insured.
Brenda Staerker
Private practice / Thaxton Holistic Wellness
This was quite beneficial. You explained well at a comfortable pace and you provided sufficient details for me to develop an Emergency Management Plan. Thank you!
Necessary technological guidance!
Frances D Murdock
I took the Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider Training Certification Course in 2018, I feel so lucky to have found the TeleHealth Certification Institute. It's a top notch training center which has continued to provide me with tools and the knowledge to grow my private teletherapy practice. I recently participated in the TeleMental Health Preparedness Summit 2020 and was definitely not disappointed. The excitement and enthusiasm from the participants and TeleHealth Certification Institute staff is contagious. I've been inspired, since, to look into taking more courses, and joined their FaceBook group. I will likely join their consultation group in the near future. I don't believe there is another training institute out there that is as good as this one for everything telebehavioral health. Thank you Ray! You are a visionary!
Larissa Golloub, LCSW-R
Psychotherapist, solo practitioner / Larissa Golloub, LCSW
This course was extremely helpful understanding the legal requirements for interstate telehealth counseling.
Donald Kirk Henderson
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This course was eye opening and highlighted some definite areas for improvement to better address emergency management planning.
Nikkita Scott
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Courses were very informative! Extremely helpful!
Carron D. Alexander
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Educational and informative content that was easy to follow and comprehend.
Scott Lipp, Ph.D., LMHC, LAC, NCC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor; Adjunct Professor / Greater Things, LLC; Florida Atlantic University
The training was very informative, there was more in-depth information to the details of privacy and HIPAA on an electronic level that I was not aware of. The more technological part of it was new information to me.
Nellie Decker
Therapist II / Yakama Nation Behavioral Health