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Technology: rural healthcare plus cyber communication theories

Technology: rural healthcare plus cyber communication theories
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 Using Technology to Address Social Determinants of Health in Rural Communities

Derek S. Landes, MSW, the telehealth coordinator of Missouri Rural Health Association, shares insights about the use of technology tools and how they can increase access to services, reduce barriers to care, and improve overall healthcare in rural communities.



Theories of Cyber Communication and Its Impact on Treatment

As we shift more attention to telehealth practice and develop that as an option for our clients, it's important to understand the ways that cyber communication can affect both the relationship and individual. People act differently, depending on their setting, and that is especially true when placed against the semi-anonymity of the internet. This article covers five different theories about how personality and behavior is affected by the constraints of technology and digital mediums. 


The goal of our articles and interviews is to share innovations with all behavioral health providers. Please consider us interviewing you on how you have been meeting the current needs of your clients. Sharing what has worked -or the challenges you have faced- with clinical innovation helps to move our profession forward.  Email our support team ([email protected]) if you are interested in sharing your innovations with others.


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Of Substance is turning Movies into a

Utilitarian Tool for Behavioral Change

Movies and Conversations Live Webinar

TCI brings our community together to learn a wide range of topics and with a variety of training formats. We welcome you to join us and Alex Kaplan, the co-founder of Of Substance, in an immersive multimedia experience - smoothly transitioning between short movie screenings and deeper conversations - working to change our relationships with struggle and growth.


During this unique experience Alex will present short films and then follow with discussion to help you and your clients find long-term transformation and perspective-shifting for behavioral change.

Join us for this  Live Interactive Discussion

THIS Friday, December 9, 2022 - 1:00-2:30 pm Eastern

No CEs are offered with this event, just great content


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CEO and Founder


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