Emotional wellness and the empowerment model of supervision

Emotional wellness and the empowerment model of supervision
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We have two new blog articles by different authors about valuable approaches to clinical care using the empowerment model: 



 The Empowerment Model of Clinical Supervision


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The Empowerment Model applies to clinical supervision as it is flexible and adaptable to various clinical situations. An effective clinical supervisor empowers supervisees to meet their full potential and this recently updated model also considers new factors such as using the telehealth model. Author Khara Croswaite Brindle shares insight into the efficacy of this model for modern-day supervision in this exciting and pertinent article. 


Empowerment and Emotional Wellness


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The Empowerment Model of Psychology recognizes the environment's impacts on anyone seeking psychological assistance. The model can help with self-esteem, emotional boundaries, and decision-making. Most of all, this model aims to empower the client. In this article, expert psychologist Dr. Rosenna Bakari, outlines how empowerment psychology can enhance therapeutic processes for clinicians and clients while attending to individual and systemic needs and realities.


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