Completing the Telemental Health Training (THTC Certificate) program fulfills the training required for the BC-TMH Credential

  • The TeleMental Health Training (THTC Certificate) program must be completed within the last four years prior to submitting your Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH) credential application.
  • Earning the THTC certificate indicates that you have completed a program that has been approved by the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) to satisfy the training requirement needed when applying for the BC-TMH credential.
  • Enrollment in the full THTC program includes the continually updated and thorough 200 page e-book, the THTC REVIEW AND STUDY GUIDE at no extra charge when preparing for the TeleMental Health Exam (TMHE) which is required for the BC-TMH.
  • Completing the THTC program is not a guarantee of a BC-TMH application being accepted. CCE requirements for BC-TMH should be thoroughly reviewed by all applicants.
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Earn the THTC ---- Apply for the BC-TMH

Steps to follow when applying for the BC-TMH

Complete Approved Training

Complete Approved Training

Complete the required training by finishing the TeleMental Health Training program and earning your THTC certificate. Ways to do this:

1) The full THTC program as an online Self-Study
2) both parts "Law and Ethics" and "Clinical Skills" by a hybrid approach (a mixture of live webinar/live in-person/self-study to finish both portions of the program and earn the certificate)

Apply for the Credential

Apply for the Credential

Submit your application to CCE. Include the following:

1) Your license information
2) Copy of your THTC certificate
3) Application fee

Application submission is not a guarantee of acceptance - please refer to credential requirements before applying.
Take the Exam

Take the Exam

When your application is approved, CCE will email you with instructions for completing the Telemental Health Exam (TMHE) and a coupon code (for THTC participants) in that email to waive the fee for the first exam attempt. The exam is taken online and accessed through CCE website. Upon passing, you receive the TMHE certificate via email. Finalize the credentialing process (and start the annual renewal clock) by submitting the TMHE.

Did you completed another approved program and need to prepare for the Telemental Health Exam?

The "THTC Program Review and Study Guide" is a thorough review of all legal, ethical, and clinical topics addressed in the full Telemental Health Training Certificate (THTC) program. This guide is also a comprehensive resource for clinicians preparing for the Telemental Health Exam through the Center for Credentialing and Education (seeking the BC-TMH credential).

  • The Review and Study Guide consists of 16 chapters. The master document is 200 pages long and is updated regularly, allowing for the most up-to-date information in the field of telemental health. 
  • This Study Guide is neither downloadable nor printable and can only be accessed through the registrants course list on Telehealth Certification Institute's website

THTC recipients do not need to purchase the THTC Review and Study Guide. Registration in the full THTC program includes access to the "THTC Review and Study Guide" once participants have completed the coursework and earned their THTC.

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