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THTC Review and Study Guide

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The "THTC Program Review and Study Guide" is a thorough review of all legal, ethical, and clinical topics addressed in the full Telemental Health Training Certificate (THTC) program. Raymond Barrett wrote this guide to accompany the THTC Certificate program that he developed after more than 7 years of providing telemental health instruction and expertise to thousands of clinicians. This guide is also a comprehensive resource for clinicians preparing for the Telemental Health Exam through the Center for Credentialing and Education (seeking the BC-TMH credential).

  • The Review and Study Guide consists of 16 chapters. The master document is 200 pages long and is updated regularly, allowing for the most up-to-date information in the field of telemental health. 
  • This Study Guide is neither downloadable nor printable and can only be accessed through the registrants course list on Telehealth Certification Institute's website
  • You have access to this product for one year from the time of purchase

THTC recipients do not need to purchase the THTC Review and Study Guide. Registration in the full THTC program includes access to the "THTC Review and Study Guide" once participants have completed the coursework and earned their THTC.

For details about the TeleMental Health Training (THTC) Program, please visit this page

For details on earning the BC-TMH after completing the THTC, please visit this page


From the time of registration, you have 12 months to access the Review and Study Guide.


Chapter titles:

  1. Introduction to TeleMental Health
  2. Legal Aspects of TeleMental Health
  3. Ethical Use of Technology in Behavioral healthcare
  4. Privacy Law for Mental Health Professionals
  5. Ethical, Legal, and Clinical Aspects of Selecting Technology
  6. Emergency Management Planning
  7. Screening for Fit
  8. Clinical Skills of Video Sessions
  9. Phone Sessions
  10. Tele-Assessments
  11. Cultural Competency and Humility
  12. The Impact of Telecommunication on Provider/Client Interactions
  13. Selecting a Communication Medium For TeleMental Health Sessions
  14. Client Engagement
  15. Asynchronous Techniques
  16. Synchronous Techniques


How to Access the Guide

To access the Guide:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to My Courses
  3. Select the course titled "THTC Review and Study Guide"  (THTC participants have it listed with the THTC Certificate)
  4. Click on the title of the Guide to open the content

The Guide content can only be viewed in this e-book style format.  It is neither downloadable nor printable.



Raymond Barrett, CEO, LMHC, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor and an expert telemental health consultant/founder of the Telehealth Certification Institute (TCI). A master trainer, Ray has released over 50 high-quality courses for thousands of clinicians and healthcare providers and trained 1,919+ organizations in telehealth.

When Ray’s first clients began asking for sessions over the phone, Ray quickly discovered a knowledge gap in telehealth training. Ray’s inspiration for TCI came from his desire for comprehensive and practical training in telemental health for both himself and fellow clinicians. Ray’s extensive review of telehealth research and literature, along with his virtual counseling, executive coaching, psychiatric assessment, and employee assistance program experience, contributed to his course design.

In a profession known for regulatory pressures, Ray emphasizes ethical telehealth delivery across the board. He continues to see a limited number of private practice clients and rigorously reviews telehealth developments to ensure his courses are up to date and meet industry-best standards.

Ray is committed to cultivating a compassionate, person-centered organization that supports clinicians, patients, and the greater healthcare community.


Who Should Purchase

Clinicians who have completed a telemental health training program as well as those who are preparing for the BC-TMH exam.  

THTC recipients and those enrolled in the full THTC program (or both Telemental Health law & Ethics plus Telemental Health Clinical Skills) DO NOT need to purchase this Guide.  It is provided with the full program and accessible upon completion of the THTC.

Course Policies

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are offered within the first 30 days for courses which have not been completed.  There is a 10% service fee for refunds.

Grievance Policy

Click here to view our Grievance Policy.


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