CE Subscription Plan

Our CE marketplace subscription meets

all your annual continuing education needs.

You already help your clients and communities navigate a challenging world.

We want your CE courses to be...

  • EASY to find and attend on your own time
  • Full of updated, relevant content (on topics such as cultural sensitivity & meeting socio-emotional needs amid COVID)
  • Geared toward the unique challenges of virtual settings
  • High-quality, practical, and applicable to your profession
  • From a provider you can TRUST

TCI has trained over 30,000 professionals nationwide on a wide range of behavioral health topics including telehealth/telemental health.

What people are saying about our courses:

  • The annual subscription will auto renew; you can cancel at any time before renewal
  • You will have 6 months to complete courses from the time of registering for them
  • You can only register for the courses listed in the "Subscription Plan Courses" category using the subscription plan.