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Our Certificate Programs

Opportunities for career development and positioning yourself for a role in telehealth.

TeleMental Health Training Certificate (THTC)

A comprehensive course that prepares clinicians to offer behavioral health services while in a different location than the client through the use of technology.

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Telehealth Director/Manager and Coordinator Certificate

Learn to coordinate virtual visits between consultants and their patients in both remote and urban settings.

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TeleStroke Facilitator Certificate

Learn the skills needed to confidently and correctly assist a vascular neurologist with a telestroke consultation.

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Clinical Military Counselor Certificate

The CMCC credential promotes the highest standard of excellence providing best practices for competent and ethical practice in providing counseling and related services veterans, active military and their family members.

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Animal Assisted Therapy-Interventionist Credential

The AAT-I Credential program is designed for licensed/certified professionals to learn how to utilize Animal-Assisted Interventions ethically and intentionally.

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Grief Counseling Certificate Program

The GCTC program empowers clinicians with interventions and tools to confidently support clients as they learn to manage and live alongside their grief.

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LGBTQIA+ Certificate Program

The behavioral health needs for LGBTQIA+ individuals are at an all time high and access to affirming and safe providers is a top priority for this community.

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Eating Disorder Certificate Program

The EDTC program offer clinicians comprehensive knowledge of the etiology, assessment and treatment of eating disorders.

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