Choosing a Counselor is Scary

Have you ever had to find a counselor for yourself or a family member? It can be nerve wrecking. The emotional, time, and financial commitment can be great. Sometimes, if the counselor and client are not a fit, the client may give up on ever trying counseling again.
Technology has found a good solution to this. Check it out on this video.

Visit CounselChat if you are:

  • a provider wanting to market your services
  • a provider looking for advice
  • someone looking for a counselor that would be a fit for yourself or someone else
  • a provider looking to make a referral

Telehealth Certification Institute alumni have the opportunity to market that they are trained telemental health providers on CounselChat.

CounselChat is a trustworthy site.  One of the founders of CounselChat is Eric Strom. “Eric is an attorney, licensed mental health counselor, educator, and co-founder of CounselChat. As an attorney, Eric provides legal services to mental health professionals.” (taken from



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