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Ratings, Reviews, and User Testimonials of Our CE Courses

Dr. Sartor was extremely well prepared, his talk was organized and informational, and he provided a tremendous amount of very usable information in a very short period of time. I'll look forward to a longer workshop presented by him.
Vicki Loyer
CEO/President / Blue Door Psychotherapy
Very exciting and informative course
Afeion Morris, LCSW
The relevance of anxiety and panic in post-COVID practice was excellent for the pre Summit Training. Kudos to the presenter; many thanks for a Job well done! Much appreciation for helping me brush off my skills and improve my effectiveness with clients! I also appreciate the dose of encouragement after a year in the trenches.
Dawn Echols
Owner & Executive Director / Dawning Phoenix
Outstanding webinar. Dr.Wehrenberg's material on addressing anxiety during the pandemic was clear and cogent - I'll be using the ideas and methods she outlined with clients right away. The webinar worked perfectly and the organizers were helpful and responsive. Highly recommended!
Dr. Laura Forsyth
psychologist in private practice / Laura E Forsyth, PhD
Very informative.
Christiane Brady
Social Worker / DC Government
The presentation on anxiety was excellent! Lots of practical and useful information.
Michael Brown
Clinician / LifeStance Health
The instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging. I would highly recommend offering this course again.
Griena Knight Davis
Licensed Professional Counselor / I CARE Wellness Services, LLC
This was great practice for emergencies
Lisset Chino
Student / New York City College of Technology
Courses were very informative! Extremely helpful!
Carron D. Alexander
LPC / Premier Counseling Services
The training was well structured and presented by a knowledge individual. Information shared in the training was useful, clear, and concise and can easily be incorporated into future practice techniques.
Dora Falls
LPC, MAC Private Practice - / Private Practice
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