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Ratings, Reviews, and User Testimonials of Our CE Courses

This course was well designed and informative. I look forward to continuing telehealth work with my clients.
Amory Whitcraft
LCPC-S / Hesed Counseling & Coaching LLC
It was a powerful training.
Ana Pereira-Murphy
School social work supervisor / Cobb county school district
The information was useful.
Shannon Yocham
Texas Tech University Health Science Center
Very informative. Very down to earth learning through examples and well experienced therapists presenting. Highly recommend.
Deirdre Ferguson
I found the course very informative in a down to earth way. The example are always helpful. Emphasis in process was greatly supported.
Deirdre Ferguson
Clinical Supervisor
Very helpful in working at my location of Child Advocacy Center
Carey Herdman
It was helpful when I thought of this presentation less like a class to learn concepts and insights, and more like a highly-informative tour of an impressive number of high-quality resources for effectively working with traumatized children and adolescents, especially over telehealth. Paired with the slides and resources included therein available for review, this course has been highly valuable!
Wesley Lawton
Grief Support Services Manager / Hospice of Michigan
Thanks so much for these professional development opportunities! Grateful for all the ways you create opportunities in our field of mental health to facilitate great spaces online for learning and dialogue. Ray and Ruby - I appreciate you both. It's easy to refer colleagues and supervises to your resources here and elsewhere. Today's webinar was so useful to me personally and professionally. Thank you!
Tamara Suttle, MEd, LPC, ACS
Private Practice from the Inside Out
Very informative and helpful training
Kimberly Reuter
LPC-Licensed Professional Counselor / Bayless Integrated Healthcare
Excellent training.
Willetta Wilson
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