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Ratings, Reviews, and User Testimonials of Our CE Courses

Very eye opening presentation about race, racism and racist attitudes in schools. Incredible presentation by Dr. Sutherland and very informative resources!
Chelcie Rollock
Forensic Psychologist / MHO Psychological Services
A very detailed and informative webinar on suicide and school children. I've learned quite a lot and gotten access to many resources. Thank you so much for offering!
Chelcie Rollock
Forensic Psychologist / MHO Psychological Services
The information was helpful. I was looking forward to a deeper discussion of racial trauma and social justice. The presenters did a good job of sharing general information and sharing the time.
Annia Salas
Social Services Counselor II / City of Tempe
This presentation by Dr. O'Neill was the best webinar I have attended within the last 3-4 years. Besides being an engaging and knowledgeable speaker who communicated the content effectively, he was well organized and extremely good at providing the rationale for Open Notes and how it can enhance the therapeutic experience and outcomes for clients. The benefits to practitioners was also highlighted. Was willing to go a little over time to make sure questions were answered. I highly recommend a Part 2 and given the response from others attending, making this 90 minute webinar a 4 hour webinar or adding a Part 2 and this perspective was shared by many others in the webinar.
Gloria Gonzalez-Kruger
Associate Clinical Professor and Director of Clinical Services, DUCFT / Drexel University
Very beneficial to receive information on appropriate and fair sharing of medical information.
Kendra Fox-Stinson, LPC NCC MAT
Clinical Supervisor
Excellent information and chat discussion. I learned quite a bit here; it is somehow overwhelming. I am moving to part time professor and going towards part-time + therapy (mostly telehealth), so I will certainly need to revisit the presentation material to feel more comfortable. Thank you for sharing.
Dr. Liane de Souza
Professor and therapist / Southern Adventist University
I think this training was comprehensive and beneficial.
Meagan McMahon
The course was very informative and had lots of good information for future use in my practice.
Kehinde (ken) Ofunrein
Enjoyed the course. Good information about legalities. I plan to refer to the information that was given to me.
Garrett Johnson
Graduate Student / Texas Tech Health Science Center
I really enjoyed this training! The presenter provided relevant, relatable, and readily applicable information for my practice.
John Adams
Mental Health Counselor / Mississippi College Student Counseling & Disability Services
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