Top Rated Courses and Consultation

Dr Horn was very knowledgeable and gave great feedback to help us grow our supervisees!
Clinical Director / Bayless Integrated Healthcare
I enjoyed this very much. Very informative
Angela Marie Webb
Psychologist / McIntyre Psychological Services
great course
Areshdeep Areshdeep
Excellent course.
Kimberly Hood
Social Service Worker Student / Sheridan College
Course was detailed
Rita Taylor
Social Work / Seaside Serenity Counseling Services
I am not a clinician, but this information was very valuable especially as it pertains to the shift of services that our clinical staff are now providing. Great resources and speakers! Thank you.
Tommy Krenitsky
Quality Improvement Specialist / Dekalb Community Service Board
The course was so informative and I was glued to my screen for the entire duration. I received so much knowledge concerning ethics in telehealth and I am greatly encouraged to read about all the standards and policies that pertain to my practice. Thank you!
Bridgette Nalumu
Public health consultant / Green and Purple Consultancy Network
Easy to follow and informative.
Olivia Martin
Very interesting training
Renee Wyatt
Mental Health Therapist / HOPICS
This was a great training and I was able to learn a lot.
Patricia Watkins
Mental Health Therapist / Ivy Tech Community College