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Ratings, Reviews, and User Testimonials of Our CE Courses

"Integrating the Art of Writing Into Your Clinical Practice" by Michele Mani was one of the best courses I've taken as part of my continuing education. It was well prepared, organized, and informative. I look forward to put into practice what I learned.
Damarys Gilligan
Licensed Mental Health Counselor / Mindful Wellness Counseling, Inc.

Integrating writing into clinical practice was excellent as have been all the courses I have taken at Telehealth Certification Institute.

Jane Schindler
Clinical Instructor / University of Maryland, Baltimore
This training was beneficial in learning ways to utilize writing with clients in clinical sessions.
Morgan Tennant
MSW, LGSW, Residential Therapy / Crittenton Services, Inc.
Easy to use and educational
Alyssa Carmody
LMHC / Wilmington Family Counseling
I had to get this telehealth certification last minute and this program this training was easy to follow but extremely thorough.
Linda Jackson
Mental Health Therapist / Building Behaviors Counseling Services
This course is not only incredibly informative but it should be required! Not that it is necessary when completing a training but it was really refreshing to see how passionate and committed the instructor is to the success of us as providers. I will definitely refer colleagues to this training!
Cristina Frisby
Founder / Comprehensive Recovery Solutions
The course was very informative and well structured. Excellent opportunity to partake in!
Andrea Davis
Alabama A&M University
Great information! Very valuable information as it relates to best practices and legal ramifications and practice in telehealth.
Monica Jones
I really learned a great deal about telehealth and the law and best practices. Great info!
Monica Jones
Social Worker
I completed this course and found it helpful
Samantha Behrens
case manager / Family and Children's Center
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