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Male army veteran in support session with female clinician

Help Us Support Veterans

Due to the critical lack of specialized competency-based training for clinicians, veterans face substantial barriers to receiving adequate mental health counseling and related services.   The lack of specialized training in working with veterans, veterans with disabilities, and their families can lead to misdiagnosis and inaccurate assessment, inappropriate and ineffective treatment, attributing stereotypes, and persevering myths about veterans, which hinder their motivation for seeking counseling services.

The current lack of comprehensive training in military counseling and related services, both during and after clinicians' graduate programs, is a significant concern.   A national survey in 2016 of all nationally accredited counselor education graduate programs reported that only one program offered a certificate program in military trauma counseling.  

We developed and provide the Clinical Military Counselor Certificate (CMCC), which is an evidence-based, advanced, and comprehensive course which prepares clinicians to address the medical, physical, psychosocial, behavioral, mental health, family life, vocational, and career transition needs of veterans, veterans with disabilities, and their families. We train Educational and School Guidance Counselors; Vocational/Career Counselors; Rehabilitation Counselors; Mental Health Counselors; Psychologists; Social Workers; Marriage and Family Therapists; and Chaplains.  

We need your help!  We are seeking organizations and foundations that are interested in supporting the availability of this training for professionals. You can help by informing others of this need, or by sponsoring the training of a clinician.

The CMCC program achieves the following outcomes:

  • Increased innovative training in counseling for clinicians
  • Expanded capability and cultural relevance of professional counselors
  • Improved diagnosis and treatment among veteran populations
  • Enhanced functional health outcomes among veterans and their family members
  • Sustained investment in community capacity to improve health outcomes of veterans and their families

Many local non-profit organizations address the urgent and life-altering circumstances that confront veterans. This complementary opportunity offers a strategic and sustainable impact to enhance a community’s ability to improve the skill, capacity, and availability of counseling services for the long-term health of its veterans.

We greatly appreciate your time and support of veterans.  You can view the CMCC training program details here.

You can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 585-687-8837