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A Clinician's Use of Online Forums and Social Media to Provide Support and Healing

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Online Self-Study
Downloadable e-book of course slides, a downloadable certificate of completion, and course video(s).


This course does not offer CE Credits. The same course is available for purchase and offers 1.5 CE hour for behavioral health clinicians.  See "related products" below.

Social media platforms, once primarily seen as tools for connection and entertainment, are now emerging as vital avenues for individuals seeking help and information about their mental well-being. 

As clinicians, it's imperative to not only recognize this shift but to actively engage with it. 

This training course will empower you to leverage social media platforms to reach a wider audience, deepen client relationships, and create a more inclusive and supportive space for healing. It addresses the current trend of help-seeking through social media, exploring its implications for your practice and clients. 

Participants will join Dr. Rosenna Bakari as she delves into the potential benefits and risks of online engagement, helps them understand how to initiate meaningful conversations with their clients about their online experiences, and explores how clients' engagement with informal online resources, from support groups to self-help content, can help or hurt their therapeutic progress. 

Through engaging discussions, they will delve into the ethical considerations that are essential for maintaining professional boundaries and ensuring client confidentiality in the online space, as well as gain strategies for building a social media wellness platform where individuals can find solace, connect with others, and access valuable resources. 

More specifically, this course will cover:

  • How and why to get started with a social media wellness platform.
  • Ethical issues and guidelines of the social media platforms for wellness.
  • Building a brand, building a practice, or living your purpose - Know your priority.
  • And more.

Whether your goal is to establish a thriving online practice, enhance your existing services, or simply deepen your understanding of your clients' online experiences, this course will empower you to harness the transformative potential of social media for good.

Enroll today and join Dr. Rosenna Bakari as she uncovers the power of social media as a tool for advocacy, support, and connection in the field of mental health.

This is a non-interactive self-study course.

Instruction consists of 1.5 hours of video instruction and a course evaluation.

Course Availability

From the time of registration, you have six months to access the coursework.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, professionals will be able to do the following:

  • Describe the relevant statistics about the current trend of help-seeking through social media.
  • Explain three major features to consider in building a social media platform to support wellness.
  • Describe how and why to start a social media wellness platform.


Dr. Rosenna Bakari, PhD

Dr. Rosenna Bakari, a Philadelphia native, is an empowerment expert psychologist. Her professional background varies from working as a drug recovery counselor to training preservice teachers and counselors. In 2010, she founded Talking Trees, Inc., the only international organization that focuses exclusively on empowering adults who experienced sexual abuse before the age of 18. She developed the Living Openly Model of Advocacy and Support based on her work with survivors worldwide. In a world that requires survivors’ silence, the model supports survivors who choose to heal by living openly. 

One of Dr. Bakari’s goals is to support the shift of psychology from a focus on mental illness to mental wellness and break down barriers to wellness resources. As an empowerment coach, she works with clients worldwide using online one-on-one and group platforms to support life changes, help resolve trauma, and reset healthy life narratives. She bases her practice on her 8-week empowerment curriculum that restructures power in the help-seeking relationship.

Dr. Bakari graduated from Cornell University in 1984 and went on to earn her Master’s degree from SUNY at the age of 22. She later earned her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. Her most recent professional presentation was for the 2021 American Counseling Association Conference, where she presented on Online Advocacy.

In addition to her professional endeavors, she promotes mental wellness through transformational poetry. This year, she also published her sixth book related to empowerment. Her latest book, The Healing Journey: Relationships Health and Wellness, is a radical new book on healing intended to meet people where they are on their healing journey with such topics as “How to heal childhood trauma without forgiving the person who caused it.”

CE Credits

This course does not offer CE credits, just great content.

The same course is available for purchase and offers 1.5 CE hours for behavioral health clinicians. See "related products" below.

Participants may request a printed version of their certificate of attendance to be delivered by mail. A shipping/handling fee of $6.95 will be charged per request. Shipping internationally may require an additional charge.

This is a non-interactive, self-study course.

How to Complete the Course and Earn Your Certificate

To receive your certificate of attendance you must complete the course in its entirety.

To complete a Training Video Course, one must register, log in, select the My Courses option from the menu items, click the Course Title, attend to the video content, and complete the course evaluation, then claim the certificate of attendance.

You can download or print your certificate of attendance by logging into your account, navigating to the course by selecting the My Courses option from the menu items, clicking the Course Title, scrolling to the Certificate of Attendance section, and clicking on the Certificate of Attendance link to either download it or print it.

Participants may request a printed version of their certificate of attendance to be delivered by mail. A shipping/handling fee of $6.95 will be charged per request. Shipping internationally may require an additional charge.

Directions for completing a course can be found by clicking here.

Course Policies

Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities

Click here to view our Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are offered within the first 30 days for courses which have not been completed.  There is a 10% service fee for refunds.

Grievance Policy

Click here to view our Grievance Policy.


Click here to communicate with a knowledgeable staff member regarding subject matter guidance, correction, grading, comments, or problem resolution.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for clinicians who provide behavioral health services.

Teaching Methods

This is a non-interactive self-study course. Teaching methods for this course include recorded lectures, videos, a post-test, and a course evaluation.

This course was recorded September 3, 2021

This course was recorded 9/3/21

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