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Ethical Considerations of Hosting Interns and Supervisees

Join us for a this Live Webinar in our Clinical Supervision Forum Series
July 14, 2023 from 1-2:30pm EST
1.5 Ethics CE Credits available for behavioral health clinicians

The hard part of having interns and supervisees in your practice isn’t finding them or having them see clients. The hard part is understanding the ethical issues that arise in the day-to-day practice of having interns in your practice. This course is specifically designed to help supervisors and practice owners who are thinking about having interns and supervisees in their practice consider and manage our ethical responsibilities to interns, supervisees, and the public.

This course will bring some specificity and practicality to our general knowledge of ethics in how we apply it to our current policies and procedures when adding interns and supervisees to the practice. Participants will have specific language ready to add to their existing policies and examples of policies that apply these principles ready to customize to their practice after attending the training.

Participants will have the opportunity to wrestle with the ethics surrounding how we support the next generation of therapists, plan on how to problem-solve ethical issues that arise from having interns and supervisees in the practice, and construct some of their own policies based on these new learnings. For supervisors and practice owners, there is never enough time to navigate these issues on one’s own, let alone research and develop the policy! This training will give you a specific strategy to ethically host interns and supervisees in your practice and ways to implement policy and procedure changes directly after completion.

Registration for "Ethical Considerations of Hosting Interns and Supervisees" can be made by one of two methods:
1) Enroll in the single live event for FREE
2) Enroll in the Clinical Supervision Forum series for FREE and receive access to this webinar and other live webianrs in the series. Each event offers 1.5 CE credits for those who attend fully and complete course requirements.

Tara Sanderson Headshot

Dr. Tara Sanderson

Dr. Sanderson is a Licensed Psychologist in Oregon, owner of a group practice, a Clinical supervisor for Residents and Associates, an entrepreneur, course creator, podcaster and an author.

As a clinician, Dr. Sanderson loves working with and talking about Anxiety, OCD, Perfectionism and burnout. As a trainer and supervisor Dr. Sanderson's heart lies in training up and empowering interns and pre-licensed folks. She teaches courses in how to start a private practice, and how to have interns in your practice and more!

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