Examples of large scale telehealth: Sutter Health Online, United Healthcare Online and VA telemedicine

Telehealth services help to ensure that patients are able to receive the care they need when they need it. Same day care is available from providers using services such as virtual visits or video visits. By minimizing travel time, extending availability, and increasing flexibility, caregivers can offer more opportunities for providing much-needed healthcare services.

Veteran's Affairs centers call it "Clinical Video Telehealth" when providing VA telemedicine or VA home health.
United Healthcare Online calls their service "Virtual Visits."
Sutter Health Online refers to them as "Video Visits."
Whatever the services may be called, each organization offers real-time, synchronous care wherein the clinician and patient are in different locations. By using a variety of telemedicine services, affiliates of Sutter Health Online, United Healthcare Online, and VA telemedicine are able to communicate securely and privately at a time and location that is convenient for both parties.



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