Phone, Texting, and Faxing in Healthcare

As technology rapidly advances, healthcare providers are increasingly in need of phone, texting, and fax services that are user-friendly for patients and providers, HIPAA-secure, and under the control of the provider for security reasons. Recently, Ray Barrett interviewed Pankaj Gupta, founder of IPlum, on the topic of meeting technology needs in the healthcare community. 

Healthcare organizations using phone, fax, and texting need end-to-end, secure mechanisms to protect client data. It can be challenging to provide security on all three fronts of communication while providing clients with a user-friendly interface. IPlum offers both user-friendly interfaces and high-level security by incorporating two-factor authentication to login and end-to-end encryption for all modes of communication.

IPlum also provides a secure business phone line on existing phones by keeping the business and personal data isolated. There is no change in carrier required and it is end-to-end HIPAA compliant with texting, calling, and fax features.

Another barrier healthcare systems face when seeking a secure communication system is cost. I-Plum costs “less than a lunch per month,” offering services at an all-around, affordable price. 

IPlum is a great solution for phone lines, faxing, and texting between staff as well as patients/ clients and providers.

Listen in on the interview with Pankaj Gupta today to hear more about the services offered by IPlum! Get a 5% discount on an IPlum phone, fax, and secure texting plan using this link. using coupon code: Telehealth5

By:Jessica Sweigert


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