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Telehealth Directors attending Core Competency Training online on her computer

Core Competency Training for Telehealth Directors, Managers, and Coordinators

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a forceful period of transformation in the healthcare field, as economic pressures and safety concerns have intersected with medical and mental health needs. In response, healthcare organizations are pivoting to offer multi-layered treatment plans with a focus on telehealth.

Across the country, organizations have tasked telehealth directors, managers, or telemedicine program coordinators with implementing an ethical and practical telehealth transition plan. But directing a telehealth program is a complicated endeavor; few practices are prepared to effectively launch compliant, large-scale telehealth operations. Professionals in these roles need to understand the full scope of managing telehealth services (from strategy to implementation and evaluation). Learning about these competencies can help directors avoid pitfalls, maximize efficiency, invest in a long-term utilization plan, and increase satisfaction for customers and clinicians.

In response to this need, we’re offering comprehensive and concise training by experienced telehealth directors covering all of the essential competencies. Our course for telehealth directors, telehealth managers, and telehealth coordinators teaches core principles, planning considerations, and operational guidelines to help transition to a telehealth format. This course addresses how to coordinate virtual visits between consultants and patients (in both remote and urban settings), how to select, purchase, and utilize telehealth technology, and discusses strategies used by successful telehealth programs. 

This course is for:

  • Telehealth/Telemedicine Directors, Managers, and Coordinators
  • Professionals Seeking Career Development
  • Those wanting to advance their careers in telehealth; launch telehealth services; and those who wish to improve their telehealth services.

Successful completion of this course (including passing a qualifying exam) grants you the TeleHealth Director and Coordinator Certificate (THDC).

Please feel free to call our friendly customer-support team if you have any questions about the TeleHealth Director/Manager and Coordinator Certificate Training Program at 585-687-8837, or through email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..