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Telehealth Provider Directory

Virtual healthcare is a burgeoning field, expanding rapidly as the technology that supports it becomes increasingly available and user-friendly.  But, is the demand for telemedicine really there?

Research shows that consumers of all ages are already accessing or eager to try online counseling and healthcare. In fact, according to the The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions’ biennial survey of US health care consumers released in 2018, “more than half (57 percent) of survey respondents said they are willing to try [a virtual healthcare visit]” and “most consumers who have tried virtual visits report a high level of satisfaction (77 percent).” This makes sense, as the average consumer is well acquainted with online services; “outside of healthcare, most consumers shop online (92 percent) and use online or mobile banking (83 percent),” and this affinity for ease of access is changing health-seeking behavior.  

The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions also found that (among healthcare consumers)...

  • 59 percent use technology to refill prescriptions
  • 42 percent use technology to measure health and fitness
  • 75 percent use digital assistants to receive medication alerts

As digital healthcare flourishes, virtual health providers can meet consumer demand by providing accessible, high-quality services across the globe.  But, the primary challenge facing consumers today is the ability to locate and vet these providers.  

Telehealth Certification Institute, a leading provider of online training and certificate programs (including the TeleMental Health Training Certificate- THTC) seeks to encourage and expand telehealth services, and aid clinicians in spreading the word.  We invite direct telehealth / telemedicine / telemental health practitioners to expand their client base by creating a FREE profile in our online directory that lists virtual healthcare providers of all specialties.

The telehealth provider directory allows patients to filter according to location, specialty, service type (video, chat, onsite, phone), and insurance; patients can also search specifically for a virtual counselor who has completed the comprehensive course on TeleMental Health (TeleMental Health Training Certificate).  Additionally, provider listings are customizable, allowing medical and behavioral health clinicians to accurately represent their practice (profile fields include the ability to upload photos/ logos/ videos and even video meeting and secure messaging links).  This database is heavily marketed and search engine optimized to help patients find the specific providers they need.  

To help patients locate you, start HERE to add your practice to our FREE provider directory

  • Click REGISTER, and list your practice name under “full name.”
  • Select YES to add your practice to our provider list (under this category you can add your practice details including your service types, website, a photo such as a logo, and even a video.  Select public OR private for each category).
  • Click REGISTER to complete!

As virtual medicine and telebehavioral health become increasingly popular, Telehealth Certification Institute is committed to supporting providers; thank you for partnering with us to provide superior telehealth services!  

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