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News: TCI Programs Endorsed by the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (IsfTeh)

The International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (IsfTeh) has endorsed three of TCI’s training programs.

The Mission of TCI 

Founded in 2014, the Telehealth Certification Institute (TCI) offers evidence-based and comprehensive telehealth training and consultation for healthcare organizations and professionals on a range of topics related to the legal, ethical, technological, and clinical aspects of the provision of telehealth services. In our modern world, which increasingly benefits from telehealth options, TCI is proud to offer nearly 200 courses and to have trained over 40,000 professionals worldwide. We envision a world where anyone who needs a competent and compassionate telehealth professional can find one. 

Endorsement with ISfTeh 

The International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth is an international organization committed to overseeing and promoting Telemedicine and eHealth services worldwide. Endorsement by the ISfTeh requires an extensive review process, and the organization considers standards and regulations to ensure adequate products and services.  

More about TCI's ISfTeh Endorsed Programs 

The Telehealth Certification Institute's ISfTEH Endorsed Programs are:  

TeleMental Health Training Certificate Program (THTC) is an advanced, comprehensive, and evidence-based program to prepare professionals for work in telehealth. This program is offered to multiple professionals, including psychologists, counselors, physicians, marriage and family therapists, and more. Certified professionals have the knowledge to carefully consider their clients' privacy and well-being regarding technology and remote services. 

Telehealth Director/Manager and Coordinator Certificate Program is for those who plan to manage a telehealth program. It teaches the skills of coordinating virtual visits between consultants and their patients in both remote and urban settings. It covers how to select, purchase, and utilize telehealth technology. The instructors explain strategies used by successful telehealth programs and how to build a cohesive telehealth team.

TeleStroke Facilitator Certificate Training Program is offered for facilitators, presenters, and technicians, often including nurses, medical assistants, and medical technicians. 

The recent endorsements from ISfTeH further demonstrate our values of providing the best training and consultation possible for professionals providing telemental health care services.