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Telehealth Resource Centers

Telehealth Resource Centers By State


Do you need assistance, guidance, education, information, or networking opportunities in setting up a telehealth program?

Your local telehealth resource center can assist you with much of the support you need. 


Resource Centers Serving All States: National Consortium of TeleHealth Research Centers, National Telehealth Policy Resource CenterNational Telehealth Technology Assessment Resource Center

California Telehealth Resource Center: California

Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska

Heartland Telehealth Resource Center: Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma

Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center: West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and New Jersey [partial]

Northeast Telehealth Resource Center: New England (Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey [partial])

Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Alaska

Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center: Hawaií and Pacific Basin

South Central Telehealth Resource Center: Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee

Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center: Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida

Southwest Telehealth Resource Center: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah

TexLa Telehealth Resource Center: Texas and Louisiana

Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio