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The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

Join us for this live webinar event
April 28, 2023 -- 4:00 - 6:10 pm Eastern Daylight Time
2 CE Credits available for behavioral health clinicians

Bring the latest findings from neuroscience into your treatments! Several evidence-informed approaches to psychotherapy can be immensely helpful to clients. However, even the best therapies don’t work for a lot of clients. A key reason for this is that clinicians often do the right things and the wrong time, working against how the brain heals, instead of with it.

This seminar, taught by a neuroscientist and psychologist, bridges brain science and therapy application. Clinicians attending this training will gain an understanding of the neuroscience of psychotherapy and learn how to better apply therapeutic techniques, increasing their effectiveness with clients. Specifically, this seminar outlines for attendees some key areas involved in mental illness, and provides examples of psychotherapeutic techniques that have been shown to alter those areas of the brain in the direction of health and recovery. You will leave this seminar feeling confident about how to take a brain-based approach to psychotherapy, equipped with therapeutic tools and techniques you can start using tomorrow!

Dr. Jennifer Sweeton Headshot

Dr. Jennifer Sweeton

Originally trained as a neuroscientist, Dr. Jennifer Sweeton is a clinical and forensic psychologist, Amazon #1 best-selling author in clinical psychology, and internationally-recognized expert on trauma and the neuroscience of mental health. She is the author of the Trauma Treatment Toolbox (PESI Publishing), Train Your Brain Card Deck (PESI Publishing and Media), Eight Key Brain Areas of Mental Health and Illness (W. W. Norton & Company), and the forthcoming Traumatic Stress Recovery Workbook (New Harbinger Publications, Inc).

Dr. Sweeton completed her doctoral training at the Stanford University School of Medicine, the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, and the National Center for PTSD. Additionally, she holds a master’s degree in personality psychology (with an emphasis in affective neuroscience) from Stanford University, and studied behavioral genetics and psychopathology at Harvard University. She is a JD Candidate (class of 2024) at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

Dr. Sweeton resides in the greater Kansas City area, where she owns a group private practice, Kansas City Mental Health Associates. She is the founder and co-owner of a nationwide continuing education company, OnlineCECredits.com, which offers high-quality courses to over 15,000 licensed mental health providers. Dr. Sweeton holds an adjunct faculty appointment at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and is a former President of the Greater Kansas City Psychological Association and the Oklahoma Psychological Association.

Dr. Sweeton offers coaching, consultation, trauma-focused psychotherapy, and forensic assessment services to clients worldwide. She is the developer of Neural Desensitization and Integration Training (NDIT), an evidence-informed, module-based psychotherapy for PTSD. Referred to as a “world-renowned trauma treatment expert” by PESI, Dr. Sweeton has trained more than 15,000 mental health professionals in all 50 US states and over 20 countries.

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