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Complementary Emotional Intelligence training course

Complementary Emotional Intelligence training course
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A therapist with the skills to discern between genuine emotional insight and surface-level responses during therapy sessions...

...can be instrumental in fostering authentic healing and growth in their clients. 

With more and more clients seeking support for a wide range of mental health and emotional concerns, ranging from anxiety and depression to trauma and relationship issues,

Having the skills to assess and enhance emotional intelligence in clients is more important than ever before.

That's why we're offering you a complimentary 1-hour online self-study course on  Helping People (and ourselves) Find the Balance of Three Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence

You'll join Dr. Sam Alibrando on a journey toward becoming the go-to therapist for individuals struggling with emotional overwhelm and unhealthy relationship patterns.

This is your chance to empower yourself with the practical tools and frameworks you need to facilitate your own personal and professional growth as a behavioral health clinician.

And guide your clients toward greater self-awareness, emotional regulation, and improved interpersonal relationships. 

You can get in the course for free between now and May 16, 2024 when you use code EISAVE100 during checkout.

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The Three Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence: Helping People (and ourselves) Find the Balance of Personal Power, Heart & Mindfulness

When you participate in this course, you'll walk away with:

  • a deep understanding of emotional intelligence through the lens of the 3D model, including its three dimensions - Power, Heart, and Mindfulness - and how they influence interpersonal dynamics and personal well-being.
  • practical tools and techniques for assessing and addressing emotional intelligence in both yourself and your clients. 
  • strategies to recognize and address imbalances within emotional intelligence dimensions, enhancing your ability to guide clients toward emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • therapeutic skills for integrating the 3D model into your practice to help clients develop their emotional intelligence and improve their relationships.
  • A solid theoretical foundation in the 3D model of emotional intelligence, supported by references to psychological theories and figures to enrich your understanding of emotional intelligence within the broader context of behavioral health.
  • Personal growth opportunities through self-awareness and reflection that enable you to understand your own behavioral patterns and enhance your interpersonal skills both personally and professionally.
  • And more!

Don't miss this chance to transform your practice and deepen your understanding of the human experience.

Register before May 16, 2024 and  use code EISAVE100 during checkout to save 100% on the registration fee.


Your trusted partner in advancing behavioral health care, 

Raymond Barrett

CEO and Founder 

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