New Certificate in Clinical Military Counseling


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Professional counselors, psychologists, social workers, and other behaviorally-licensed professionals can earn the 12-hour CE Clinical Military Counseling Certificate (CMCC) through the Telehealth Certificate Institute of New York. The mission of the CMCC credential is to provide training for professional counselors, psychologists, social workers, and other behaviorally-licensed professionals who serve or want to serve, (consider taking out just to make this section less wordy) active duty personnel, veterans, veterans with disabilities, and their family members. Graduate students engaged in their internships may also enroll in the CMCC program.

Participants enrolled in the CMCC program will increase their knowledge, awareness, and skills of the unique cultural differences in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of military vs. civilian/community mental health and related services. The CMCC credential is offered in two formats. Participants can take all online training (switch to online-only or online-exclusive training) or the combination of a one-day (6 hrs.) live workshop with an additional 6 hrs of online study. 
The CMCC promotes a high standard of excellence in providing best practices for the competent and ethical practice of serving the military community across a variety of different branches and settings. Five modules in the CMCC program offer participants comprehensive materials related to the service member and veterans’ medical, psychosocial, behavioral, mental health, family life, vocational/career transition needs as well as understanding (perhaps change to “teach”) the foundations of military resiliency. All modules include videotape presentations by experts, a student training manual that has specific guidelines for practice, and videotape interviews of active service members, veterans, and family members. 
You can view all of our course offering here. Organizations, professional associations, and military service providers are encouraged to host their own trainings by contacting the Telehealth Certificate Institute.