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School hallway with yellow lockers, K-12 training for the virtual enviornment

We recognize that K-12 school staff (behavioral health clinicians, teachers, and nurses) require tactical tools for a rapidly evolving virtual environment. As academic institutions nationwide pivot to virtual services, school staff are grappling with the ethical, clinical, legal, and technical aspects of providing services online.

Telehealth Certification Institute has trained over 35,000 clinicians in telemental health since 2014

We are committed to equipping K-12 schools with the skills they need in the virtual environment.


All School Staff

These are courses designed to assist all those who connect to students virtually. We provide training in how to understand and meet students' needs, how to identify and respond to warning signs, as well as training in resiliency and self-care.

Behavioral Health Clinicians

We have courses to help school counselors, guidance counselors, and social workers provide their services in a virtual format. We have courses for elementary, middle, and high school as well as a course on how to conduct psycho-educational evaluations via telehealth. If you are looking for an overview of setting up telehealth services in your school check out our Telehealth in a School Setting course.

School Nurses

The Telehealth in the School Setting course provides an overview of how to set up telehealth services in a school. The School-Based Telehealth Certificate Program covers the A-Z of how to strategize, plan, implement, and evaluate a school-based telehealth program in a school.

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