CPT Codes for TeleMental Health

Due to COVID-19 many healthcare insurance providers have expanded which services are eligible for reimbursement and how the services are to be billed. Each insurance provider may have their own way in which they require the service to be billed. Therefore, it is important to inquire about this process with each provider you bill.

Most insurance providers reimburse for sessions conducted via synchronous audiovisual communication. Some have begun reimbursing for telephonic sessions.
For the place of service (POS) some are requiring that 02 is used, and others are allowing 11 to be used.
For video sessions, some are requiring that the 95 modifier is used and others the GT modifier.
Different codes are used for PHP, IOP, ABA, EAP, Outpatient, Inpatient, Opiate Treatment, and other services.
Most insurance providers are following Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidelines for how they require services to be billed.
Here is a list of commonly covered behavioral health CPT codes when provided via video sessions:
90785 Psytx complex interactive
90791 Psych diagnostic evaluation
90792 Psych diag eval w/med srvcs
90832 Psytx pt&/family 30 minutes
90833 Psytx pt&/fam w/e&m 30 min
90834 Psytx pt&/family 45 minutes
90836 Psytx pt&/fam w/e&m 45 min
90837 Psytx pt&/family 60 minutes
90838 Psytx pt&/fam w/e&m 60 min
90839 Psytx crisis initial 60 min
90840 Psytx crisis ea addl 30 min
90845 Psychoanalysis
90846 Family psytx w/o patient
90847 Family psytx w/patient
90853 Group psychotherapy
G0396 Alcohol/subs interv 15-30mn
G0397 Alcohol/subs interv >30 min
G0443 Brief alcohol misuse counsel
G0444 Depression screen annual
G2086 Off base opioid tx first m
G2087 Off base opioid tx, sub m
G2088 Off opioid tx month add 30




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