Telebehavioral Health for Treating Eating Disorders

Telebehavioral health services for those with eating disorders not only overcomes barriers to access but allows clients to receive treatment in their own environments and provides continuity of care.

In this interview, Casey N. Tallent, Ph.D. and Karen Schneller, LMFT, CEDS, DCC share how Eating Recovery Center's Virtual Intensive Outpatient program works. Providing treatment in college campuses allows for early detection which improves treatment outcomes. Often in traditional treatment, a client has to travel to a treatment setting and then has to return to their own environment which often exposes them to their triggers. Also, it is often difficult to connect a client to outpatient services in their home location. By connecting with clients individually and in a group format using video conferencing, clients can receive treatment in their own environment and they often do not have to discontinue treatment when they move. Eating Recovery Center also coordinates care with the client’s own primary care physician, school, and family. Clients and clinicians have found the convenience and flexibility of telebehavioral health allows them to meet their goals.
You can learn more about Eating Recovery Center's Virtual Intensive Outpatient program by visiting their website here.


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