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Addition of Telehealth in New York

New York Provides Online Behavioral Health Services

Telehealth services and their availability are expanding rapidly and the state of New York is prepared. Numerous avenues exist for those seeking services and providers are in place as well.

Money being exchanged between hands for Telehealth reimbursement

Medicare Reimbursement for TeleHealth

The guidance in this article is based on years of experience navigating Medicare across state lines and understanding that clinicians rendering behavioral health services must have claims billed cleanly to get reimbursed. With all these new changes, there are expected roadblocks in the claim-approval process.  We encourage you to consult with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to ensure the accuracy of your billing practices.

According to The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Department of Human Services (HHS) published their final rule for 2022 and have changed the Medicare physician fee schedule (PFS) along with other Medicare Part B payment policies.

Click here to see the Calendar Year (CY) 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule | CMS

Telemental Health in the Sunny State of Florida

Florida’s Newly Published Report from the Telehealth Advisory Council

Telehealth is a constantly evolving mode of healthcare, and there are numerous aspects of the field in need of clarification so that statutes, policies, and practices follow the same guidelines. Telehealth is not a type of health care, rather it is the manner in which care is given. As the standards for that care become more defined and the use of this mode more prevalent, so will the need for caregivers who are adequately trained and licensed to deliver telehealth.

In 2016, the State of Florida created the Telehealth Advisory Council in order to survey, research and recommend changes to telehealth in order to better serve those living in the state.  The increase in both access and use of telehealth will also require an increase in health care practitioners offering telehealth services.

HIPAA Logo - One Common HIPAA Mistake Telebehavioral Professionals can't Afford to Make

One Common HIPAA Mistake Telebehavioral Professionals can't Afford to Make

Vendor Management and Video Chatting Clients

HIPAA compliance for telebehavioral health professionals is essential to running your business in the digital age.

According to HIPAA regulation, telebehavioral health professionals must be fully HIPAA compliant in order to avoid serious violations and government fines.

BA and Vendor Management

One of the most common mistakes healthcare professionals can make is improper vendor management. The HIPAA rules here affect telebehavioral health professionals in particular because of the electronic and digital mediums by which care is given.

Telebehavioral Health for Treating Eating Disorders

Telebehavioral health services for those with eating disorders not only overcome barriers to access but allow clients to receive treatment in their own environments and provide continuity of care.

Esteem sign for Digital Therapeutics Helps Kids With ADHD

Digital Therapeutics Helps Kids With ADHD

Often the treatment of ADHD is fragmented and difficult to track, not only for parents and caregivers but for the person with ADHD as well. I was very impressed and inspired by Esteem Therapeutics. This new and emerging technology, known as digital therapeutics, empowers both the person with ADHD and their entire care team, with the tools to be very effective in combatting ADHD.

Great tools such as Esteem Therapeutics can only be effective if they are utilized. Esteem Therapeutics is a very well-designed platform that is easy to use and understand. The user quickly experiences how engaging and effective it is. I expect clients will really enjoy using it.

Male Practitioner in Webinar Based Telebehavioral Health Training

Webinar Based Telebehavioral Health Training

We just completed a very engaging telebehavioral health training via webinar. There is nothing like spending a total of 12 hours on video conferencing with other great clinicians while learning how to use video conferencing with clients.

Online Counseling for Difficult Relationships

Hear what it is like for an expert counselor who specializes in working with clients who have been affected by difficult relationships to provide psychotherapy online.